September 1st

The Jam Begins! The Theme is revealed!

October 25th

Submissions open! Submit your Datapack!

October 30th

Submissions Close! No Late!

November 4th

Voting Begins!

November 9th

Voting Ends!

November 14th

Winners Announced!

September 1st

The Jam Begins! On this day, the Theme is also revealed, and datapacks can start work for the 2 month quest ahead!

October 25th!

Submissions Open! You can now submit your Datapack on my Website!

October 30th!

Submissions Close! There are NO LATE SUBMISSIONS for datapacks!

November 4th!

The voting starts! Anyone can vote for the winners of the Datapacks!

November 9th!

The voting is over! No one can vote any longer! There is NO LATE VOTING!

November 14th!

The winners of MineData Jam are announced! Yay!

**Times can change, and are 100% possible to change. Please check back here to see if the times have changed.**