An Important Announcement:

MineData Jam is no longer postponed! MineData Jam will be held on September 1st! A Live Stream will also happen on September 1st, to go over the theme and the actual rules and times of the event. We hope that you continue to be apart of this event, even after the unfortunate postponing!

What is MineData Jam?

Season 1; Season 2; and now, onto something new. Season 3! This is a Minecraft event hosted on the basis that the Datapack community doesn't get the recognition and support they truly deserve, after being overshadowed by the modding community and the very few limitations they have. This Jam is a 2 month long event dedicated to the people of Minecraft. The makers. The Creators. The Extraordinary. This is for you.

You have 2 months to create a Datapack for any version of the game. The wilder the better, however, there is a catch. You must create a pack that follows the theme, which is usually a sentence that can change the whole direction of your datapack. It has to somehow reach back and tie in that theme. The themes are more moral, and can be taken several ways, rather than do this, or use that.

For First Hand Information:

Join my Discord! This is a great location, and you will be the first to get brand new information, updates and changes for the event!