About Us!

This project is ran by one, singular individual. Me, SuperSilverStone. All of my Social Medias are linked below if you want to help me out!

Season 1

December 29th 2022, MineData Jam went live! MineData Jam had 1 person submit (and that was me) and doesn't have many formal records of its existence; however, it helped lead the path to where we are now!

Season 2

On April 1st, 2022, Season 2 was launched with a livestream, a website was created, and the discord was popping! Season 2 has records, (unlike Season 1) and was basically the starting point for the event!

Season 3


Wanna help?

If you wanna help, the best thing you can do is spread the message! Send out my site everywhere you can! ( without getting in trouble xD ) Other ways include subbing to my Patreon, or just following me on my socials!

The primary way to reach me is through my discord!